Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mark & Terry Drury - Dream Season Celebrity

Well, another year and another Dream Season TV group hunt....only this year we are doing a special twist on it - Celebrity Teams! We have brought together 4 celebrity guests from 4 different walks of life. We have a Rockstar, a Bullrider, a Baseball player and a MMA Champ! 4 uniquely different people all with 1 common interest and passion...hunting!

The 4 Teams traveled far and wide to converge on Hadley Creek Outfitters in Pike County Illinois. Each of the 4 celebrities are being Teamed up with a Drury Outdoors Team for the remainder of the hunting season.

We have Team Wainwright which is made up of Adam Wainwright from the St. Louis Cardinals as well as Louie Payne and Lance Chapman as the Drury Team being paired up with Adam.

We have Team Lewis which is made up of Aaron Lewis from the rock group STAIND. He will be paired up with Glen Simpson and Ken Barteau from Drury Outdoors.

There is Team Hart which is made up of JW Hart, the "Iron Man" of the PBR and recently inducted into the hall of fame. He is being Teamed up with Drury Team members Rod Owen and Doug Hampton.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Team Sylvia which is made up of Tim Sylvia the 5 time former UFC Heavyweight Champion. He was paired up with David and Jeff Lindsey from Drury Outdoors.

We had plenty of items to tackle while the Teams were at Hadley, but most importantly we had a few competitions that had to be played out! To say that these 4 Teams were competitive would be an understatement! It was great to see the friendly rivalries start to play out and we think the Drury Outdoors production staff captured some great footage to air on Outdoor Channel starting July 2010.
A special thanks has to go out to Michael Engelmeyer of Great Outdoors Studios, Inc! He did a phenomal job as always and we couldn't do the group hunt with out him!

Keep your eyes peeled for some website video footage to start popping up in early 2010! Dream Season Celebrity promises to be the best season yet! -Mark & Terry Drury

Joe Eugster - Raccoon Madness

Raccoons are a big problem on our vegetable farm, especially in the sweet corn. With low fur prices, the numbers of coon have sky rocketed. If some of the people against hunting and trapping had to make a living raising produce, I bet their attitude about them might change a little! I figure an adult coon takes down about two dozen each night, times that by $5.00 a dozen for 50 nights, and that coon just cost you about $300.00! The coons seem to come from miles to dine at my expense. Well it was time to take action. We called the DNR to make sure we could trap and hunt coons. The coons were doing crop damage so we were given the green light. My son Jacob (12) started running a box trap line and soon had 27 coons to his credit! The deal was that I would give him $10.00 a coon. Jacob made good money and I was happy too.

One night we brought in a friend with a champion coon dog. Jacob and I have never hunted coons at night with coon dogs before, what a hoot. We treed lots of coon but it was hard to see them in the leafy canopy. One big old boar coon fell to Jacobs 22 rifle, along with a couple others. We really enjoyed the excitement of night hunting with a coon dog, and look forward to doing more of it.

P.S Jacob’s coon bait recipe
Tuna fish
Saltine crackers
Licorice- black

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Doug Hampton - The "Double Deuce"

The one we're after...

Oh yes we've got bigger bucks on our Kansas leases, but it's just something about this buck that fires me up. Maybe it's the double split G-2's that he's sporting on his rack. Or maybe it's because he's the first buck that I had pictures of on my newest Kansas lease. Or could it be that we actually could have harvested this buck last week during the youth season if I had not convinced myself that we had ruined the spot while cutting shooting lanes for a double set of "Big Game" tree-stands, only to have Reconyx pictures of him within two hours of all the activity. How could he be so relaxed when he walks into that Biologic food plot during shooting hours? Does he not know that we are filming for Dream Season and that he will do fine for a main character?

We didn't necessarily have bad luck last week, we simply fell to the natural instincts of big early season whitetails. My son and I had the big 9 x 5 buck walk by us at ten yards. The problem was that it was so dark and I could barely make it out through my Nikon's that it was him. Looking through the view finder 9 minutes later, I was only getting marginal footage at best. We needed just a few more minutes when the 4 year-old decided to exit the beans and bed down for the day. That evening brought an unexpected party on the neighboring property. Lets just say it was quite the fiesta! The microphone hooked up to the loud speakers made for a hard-rock concert's decibel output. The deer probably stopped running when they reached the Missouri line! Maybe they'll be back in time for the rut! .... Coltin had a few opportunities at some 3 year-old 130's type bucks later, but the 9 x 5 along with the Reconyx photo's of some true studs were definitely clouding the 13 year-olds judgment. I guess it's never to early to start trophy hunting.

We'll my wife is up to bat next! She's holding a Kansas muzzle-loader tag and has not so much as even seen a buck in the wild, much less shot or killed one. She has saw a few while driving, if that counts? I guess if the "Double Deuce" buck steps into the food plot while we're there, I'll have to use the ol' " he's not very big, but you can shoot him if you want" speech to keep her from getting too excited. You never know how a person will react to their first buck encounter in the wild, but I'm sure excited to see what happens! Stay tuned to the journal to see if she connects on "D.D.", or maybe even one of the other good bucks that are hanging out on our Kansas farms. Good luck and kill em' big! -Doug Hampton

Monday, September 28, 2009

Louie Payne - What A Weekend For Team Wainwright

What a weekend for Team Wainwright, this year Lance and I were asked to be on Dream Season Celebrities and we jumped at the chance and could not have gotten a better guy than Adam Wainwright, we are both looking forward to hunting with him this year.
Lance and I and our wives meet up in St. Louis for the Annual Drury fall meeting over the weekend and what a tremendous awards show this year, all the editors done a fantastic job.

Then all four of us went to Adam Wainwright’s house on Sunday and we meet him and his family for the first time, he is really a great guy and has a wonderful wife and two small children, we got him set up with his new Bow Madness XL bow with a red and white Cardinals string of course.

Then after a quick visit we were off to Bush Stadium to watch Adam pitch against the Chicago Cubs, this was the first pro baseball game that Melissa and I had ever been to and what an awesome experience it was, I can see why so many fans go to the games because when a big play would happen and everyone jumps out of their seats and cheers I got that excited feeling in my stomach just like I get right before I shoot a buck, when you can look around and the stadium is full of fans it look like a red sea filled the stadium and I can’t wait to go back to St. Louis to watch the Cardinals play again.

Louie Payne

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Doug Hampton - Daniel Boone Returns!

A busy week, and Daniel Boone Returns!

Well last week team Hart should have lost a bunch of weight because we stayed hooked up and moving. Rod worked during the day and scouted during the evenings.. J.W. was busy with the P.B.R. event in Brazil while I was getting my hunting spots in Arkansas ready. After a logging crew devastated my best stand location, I wanted to scream! The giant white-oak acorn trees that had provided our deer with food for decades were reduced to just stumps. But then it hit me like ton of bricks,"food plot"! After nine hours of bulldozing, I was ready to disk. I guess sometimes you got to make the best out of the things you can't control anyway, so I did just that. Two acres of Biologic will feed the deer deep into our winter months.

With the food plots complete and the weekend coming fast, it was time for our Catch-A-Dream fundraiser. J.W. and Rod both drove down to my hometown of Monticello, Arkansas to hold a benefit for the Catch-A-Dream Foundation. We knew that it was going to be tough holding the benefit on Labor Day weekend with the Arkansas Razorbacks playing just two hours away in Little Rock. Not to mention that squirrel and dove season opened the same day..... But man were we surprised when my hometown folks began to pour into the doors of that church by the dozens! We were even more surprised when we saw how much money we raised under the circumstances. It was great to see how a small town could get behind us and help us to raise money for such a great cause. We had a lot of people and businesses that donated and helped out with the benefit. Thanks Monticello!

Well Sunday morning Rod and J.W. let the rooster keep sleeping as they headed back home. I went to church to give thanks for the great weekend that we were blessed with before heading to the woods. Rod decided to stop by our Kansas farm on the way home and that's when he spoke the words I been waiting to hear." We got pictures of Daniel Boone", Rod said with an excited voice. " The bad news is that he's only an 8 point....The good news is that he's close to Boone!". Daniel Boone was a ten point last year that we had pictures of as late as February. We had moved one of our Reconyx camera's to a suspected travel route from bedding to a bean field just a few weeks ago, just in time to catch the giant in velvet and then in hard horn. What a way to finish up an already great week! And to top it off, my son will be there in a few days to kick off our Dream Season with our father/son annual trip for the Kansas youth season. Stay tuned !!! -Doug Hampton

Friday, September 4, 2009

David Lindsey - Big Mac

Whitetail seasons across the U.S. are starting to open and we have our Reconyx cameras out in a couple different states taking pictures. It has been an eventful summer with tons of pictures being taken by our cameras as well as a lot of promising prospects showing up in the summer scouting.

One of the bucks on our hit list that I am happy to see is "Big Mac", he is the only deer I know to ever to have made it through a Rage attack. Last fall I shot a little low and just missed the heart. We seen him in December after he had shed early and then we picked up his set of sheds. We figured if he made it that far, he would show up this summer. Well here he is alive and well, bigger than ever and this year sporting not 1 but 2 drop tines. Its going to be a exciting fall with my sights set on "Big Mac" as the chase is on! First up, North Dakota, I can't wait to see what is in store for this fall! -David Lindsey

Monday, August 31, 2009

Steve Coon - Cabela's Event

After Illinois it was time to head to Cabala's the following weekend to do a seminar. I have to say when doing a a store promotion it gets you in contact with all the Drury Fans.

After getting my table set up with the awesome product that we use, it was time to meet and greet. Cabala's had such a big turn out for their Hunting sell it was hard to talk with everyone that came by, but I did my best. It really makes you proud to be part of Drury Outdoors when people come by and tell you how much they like the new Drury DVD's and how they enjoy the television shows.

It was such a great turn out as Cabala's that at one point I had Steve and Ken, who will be on the new Predator Madness DVD, assist me at the Drury booth. As the day went on I had some special guest show up and it was Mark, Tracy, and Taylor. With that it could not have made the event any better!

I would like to end this by saying when you work these events you always make contact with people from within the industry. Well I had the great pleasure of meeting Mrs. Meegan Turnbeaugh, Jessica Turnbeaugh and Hayley North who are all on the Archer's Choice Pro-Staff and are also part of the Posse Girls for Archer's Choice. So let me tell you guys if you were back in the old west, you would definitely be a bad guy so this posse would come after you! All kidding aside Meegan is a class act in today's hunting industry and it was a pleasure meeting her along with Jessica and Haley. -Coon Dog

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Doug Hampton - It's Almost Here

Our food plots are in and the days are getting shorter. In three short weeks Rod and I will be taking my son Coltin on our annual Kansas youth season hunt and man are we excited! We have Reconyx pictures from most of our big deer that were using our food plots in late January. It's always nice to know your big bucks made it through the winter months and appear to be healthy. We only have pictures of three of our four-year old bucks so far, but that's fairly common during the late summer on our Kansas farm. Last year it was the middle of September before our older aged bucks started to make their appearance.

This year Rod and I will be hunting with J.W. Hart, the "Iron Man" of the P.B.R. on Dream Season Celebrity. We should be hunting non-stop for the better part of four months. We are scheduled to hunt in Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. So to sum it up, we're gonna be pretty busy this fall. Good luck to everyone and we hope God blesses you with a great "Dream Season". -Doug Hampton

Steve Coon - Time To Hunt

Joe and I were back in the middle of August working on three projects in Illinois. We had to finish our food plots, check and hang cameras, and hang a few new sets.

First on order was to check our Reconyx Camera to see what deer made it through last season and to see if we had any new players. Well as luck would have it we had pictures of three of our stars and some upcoming talent.

After checking the cameras we were off and running putting them in new spots hoping to get a few more pics. Just to give Joe and I a pat on the back, here in Illinois we don't have the opportunity to place any type of supplement at the cameras to get those up and personal photos. So what we do is scout the area just like we were hanging a tree stand and place the camera in hopes of getting a photograph of that dream buck. Because if we do our part, the Reconyx will definitely do it's part.

Next task in hand was to finish the food plots, so after we disked for the third time and we decided what seed went to which food plot it was time to plant. So with a little rain we should be just fine! "Maybe I should do a rain dance."

The third project was to put the Big Game Tree Stands together and head to the timber to place them in the locations that was scouted by the Reconyx Camera plus the two new sets over our food plots which in time will prove to be killing spots for Joe and I.

So after the sets were hung the trimming was complete it was time for both Joe and I to head home.

So with all this madness over the summer that we put in for these whitetails, in a couple of months, it's going to be "TIME TO HUNT." -Coon Dog