Monday, March 22, 2010

Kyle Lamore - Off Season Antics

What to do in the off season?? That is a question we find ourselves trying to answer every year about this time. To try to keep our shooting skills sharp, for the last eight weeks, we have been involved with our local bow shop's shooting league. Myself, JJ Kolesar, and our two buddies Ben and Todd have been trying our best to oust the 25 competing 4 man teams. Although we didn't bring home the trophy, we had alot of fun shooting the DART target system and a variety of pop up targets every week. However, it is the "iron buck" that creates the most havoc every Monday night.

The iron buck is the last shot of the evening, although not required to be shot, it can earn each shooter 10 bonus points at the end of the night, which I usually need! That's the good news, however it can also destroy an arrow quicker than any shoulder blade! The hole is roughly the size of a baseball, and from 30 yards, along with plenty of verbal jabs from buddies, can be quite interesting. I have been fortunate enough to slip a couple through in the last few weeks. However, as you can see, sometimes the arrows aren't so lucky! Despite a snowed out shed hunt this past weekend in Iowa, the weather looks to be turning and Kansas spring gobblers are less than 2 weeks away! Good luck this spring!

-Kyle and JJ

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bric Steward - "Gobble Gobble"

"Well if ya'll are like me, you are counting the days until it is time to "whisper sweet nothings" to the ears of big Timber Chickens! Since the day I put my the Buck Growl up, I've been sanding the "Cherry Bomb" and yelping on the mouth calls. It also means it's time for the pilgrimage to Nashville, Tennessee for the NWTF National Convention. I'm telling ya straight up, if you are a turkey hunter and have never been to this are missing out brother!! It is jammed full of the industries newest products! Some of the DOD family was there to do a signing and give out some hot new shirts and PSE Bow Madness Hats at the Mossy Oak booth. We got to meet a lot of great people,talk a little turkey, and see the amazing new Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camo. This stuff is going to be the ticket to hiding form those bug eyed old gobblers.

We also got to see the new King Strut flocked decoy from Flambeau...yes I said new King Strut! I know,I didn't think it could get any better either but, when they added the flocking material (which is kind of like a soft fuzz) to the decoy, it came to life!  I just hope I can get my hands on one in time for my season opener in central Florida. It will be my first time hunting these angry Osceolas, and after talking to John O'Dell and Joe sounds like I'll be in for a treat. Stay tuned to the Blog and the Journal as you will soon start seeing these big black birds hit the dirt. But, before then we've still got a shed hunt at Marks which is always a treat!  Gobble Gobble!!" -Bric

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