Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Steve "Coon Dog" Coon - NWTF 2009

The 2009 turkey season started a little early for Chris Comstock and myself. We decided to travel to Nashville Tennessee for the 33rd annual National Wild Turkey Convention and Sports Show on February 19th-22nd.

It’s terrible to admit, but this was the first NWTF Show that Chris and I had ever attended and with both of us being longtime members of the NWTF and as much as we’re both ate up about turkey hunting it’s really a shame that this was our first.

I can tell you after this trip….it’s not going to be our last! The show was held at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center and let me tell you it was a magnificent place.

After setting up the Flambeau booth with Tad Brown and Joe Shults’ booth (who is my new Team partner), it was time to walk around a little and see the sights. The most impressive to me was all the awesome turkey mounts that just got your blood boiling. They were so real, you could just close your eyes and when you open them back up you were looking for the safety!

As Friday rolled around it was time to work the show, the crowd was unbelievable. I even heard several people say that it was one of the biggest crowds they could remember for the first day of the convention. So with everybody checking out the new Flambeau Hen Decoys and the new Cherry Bomb Slate Calls…..I believe there is going to be some turkey breast in the freezer.

What was so cool about working the booths is how many people came up to you and commented on how great our hunting videos were and how they enjoyed seeing us on them…so that made you feel really proud to be a part of the Drury Team!

Speaking about being part of the Drury Team, on Saturday Mark had set up an autograph session with some of the other Drury Team Members that attended and let me tell you we were busy!

Also on Saturday Chris and I attended the Grand National Calling Contest and if you ever want to hear real turkey sounds coming from a human you need to attend. So Mark…this spring you better be on your toes, I think Chris picked up some pointers ☺

Another good thing about the show was you were able to meet with some of the other hunters that are in the industry and what was most important to me was that I was able to really thank Toxey Haas for the award that I won last year from Mossy Oak.

So if you ever thought about going to the convention, make plans now because you will not be sorry. It’s an experience you will never forget!!!

So from Chris and Coon Dog see ya and have a safe Turkey Season!!