Monday, October 1, 2012

Tom Ware - EHD Update

EHD UPDATE: September 28th, 2012

My buddy and I decided to walk the major creek that travels through my Iowa farm in Decatur County!  We have an east wind that will prevent all of our scent from blowing into the major timber on my farm.

We were hoping to find nothing but somehow I knew that we were going to find something when we parked the truck and on top of the bridge sat a Turkey Vulture!  

We actually made it over a mile and near the end before we saw the dead buck from about 50 yards. I had no idea of the size of him until I walked up on him and pulled his rack up out of the water and moss around it. He was a GIANT!  Probably close to 190 inches.

My emotions were overflowing. To be honest part of me wanted to cry. We spend countless hours and way too much money trying to grow these giant deer and then Mother Nature harvests them shortly before our season even opens. It is a sad day. All I can hope is that he is the only one...but I know we will find many more...especially come spring!  I'm praying for a strong frost to help these deer.  They don't deserve this terrible disease!

Tom Ware

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