Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Aaron Bennett - Fall Is Here

Well summer is over and it flew by so amazingly fast. Deer season has started here in Missouri and the Reconyx cameras are starting to light up with bucks coming out of their velvet! This year I have several bucks that I recognize from last year on my property that I lease from the Hunting Lease Network. Despite the severe drought we experienced here in the Midwest, the antler growth has been very good! Hopefully I will be able to put a Rage in the side of one of these big boys! Besides, it would only be justice after all the time spent this summer filling feeders, hanging stands, and putting up blinds in 100 degree weather….


Even though it is almost October, I have talked to several people that still don't have a hunting spot lined up yet for this fall. If that describes your situation, I highly recommend checking out the Hunting Lease Network! They have many quality farms still available for this fall. The Hunting Lease Network has a wide variety of property sizes and prices to fit your needs whether you are hunting alone, or with a group of friends. If you ever wanted to have your own personal place to hunt now is the time!

Safe Hunting


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Anonymous said...

Hi. I couldn't find an email address so I posted on the blog. My 52 yr. old brother was diagnosed w/stage 4 kidney cancer. One month ago he was given 3-6 months to live. He's a life-long hunter and put "kill a trophy deer with 9 yr. old son" on his bucket list. Can you, the Drury's or someone help me fulfill his dream? If God chooses not to heal him this will be his last hunting season. It'd be great to film the hunt for a keepsake. Prayers for Rick and my family would be appreciated. James in Texas