Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dave Kramer - Summer Vacation

Everyone reading this has probably been experiencing the same brutally hot and dry Summer that we here in Iowa have had.  That said, my family and I couldn't wait for August 3rd to get here so we could jump in the truck and head north to Ontario, Canada for a much needed vacation.  Good friends Kris and Annette Lenz had invited us to crash their annual Zehr family fishing trip.  It just so happened to be Annette's father Gerald's 50th trip to Press Lake and they were celebrating by filling camp with over 50 family and friends.  This resort is also where I harvested my first black bear nearly ten years ago. 
    When we arrived at Press lake Saturday the 4th around 12:30 and the temps were twenty some degrees lower than home, I knew we were going to have a great week, regardless how good the fishing was.  We  quickly got things unloaded and were in the boat by 3:00 in hopes of catching some fish for supper that night.  Our first afternoon was a bit slow as far as the bite but we made it back to camp by 5:00 to meet up with the rest of the crew and filled our bellies with fried Canadian walleyes that some of the better fishermen in our group had caught.
    As the week flew by the fishing got better and better.  My kids Darby, Daltyn, And Dru were all able to catch numerous walleye and pike.  My wife Anita caught the biggest pike of the week (33") on an ultralite rod and Daltyn boated the biggest Walleye (20-1/2").  I however landed the most fish of the family for the week including a pair of 19" walleyes and a 29" pike.  We had numerous "ones that got away" that were undoubtedly way bigger than anything we actually caught.  All in all we had a great family trip, ate more fish than we should have and made many new friendships as well as memories.  I feel fortunate to have a family that enjoys the outdoors enough to take this type of vacation.  I've been warned that next year my wife gets to decide where we go but I've got my fingers crossed that she makes the right decision.  For now it's time to concentrate on work, food plots and getting ready October 1st.  Good luck to all of you this fall and keep an eye on the journal. 
Dave Kramer 

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