Friday, August 29, 2008

J.J. Kolesar - Back 2 School

Well, the season is rapidly approaching, and Kyle and I are trying every tactic in our bow-hunting arsenal to spot some giant whitetails. Currently, we have been catching some beautiful bucks on our new Reconyx Cameras (which are wonderful by the way). The key is where will old mossy horns be when he sheds his velvet? This is a question that always seems to puzzle us in October.

The summer has ended and school is officially underway, so I guess it is back to reality. Between classes and football practices, we try to get our glasses out and see if we can put any pieces of the puzzle together. We are in the midst of dicing up some soil for our fall food plots. Kyle and I are going to experiment with some deep woods hunting plots in hopes to get closer to a bruiser during daylight hours. We will see how it goes. Hope everyone is doing well. Have a great season! See you all in a few weeks.
Thanks, J.J. & Kyle

Monday, August 18, 2008

John O'Dell - Passing On The Tradition

Well I am finally walking without the support of a walking boot and crutches. My achilles is getting better everyday, so it is time to get back to normal late summer activities. That said I was able to take the kids fishing again. We had a blast catching lots of bluegills and bass despite the summer heat. Jacob definitely caught the most fish with the aid of his "Sponge Bob" bobber while Madison caught ole "big mouth bass". It was a really nice fish for this time of year.

Suzy and I are getting ready for the new addition to our family which will be here soon with a due date of September 19th. She has also been busy with back to school shopping with the kids. This has given me the time to do some scouting and Dave and I are getting some great photos of some giant deer already.

Dave and I are headed back to Sherman Creek Outfitters to hunt with our good friends Joe and Jodi Rasmussen for the archery season opener in Eastern Washington State. As usual Joe has some dandy whitetail bucks in velvet that he has patterned. This year he has an added surprise for us. He has been getting some great pictures of some nice mule deer in velvet. He has also been seeing quite a few black bears so he said we might want to buy a tag. He won't have to twist my arm! If you recall Dave and Joe played a fast one on me last year with the two sided coin so that means I am up to bat first this year and I can't wait.

I am anticipating the 08' deer season as much as any season ever. The reason is because my daughter Madison is going to try to take her first deer with a bow. She has been shooting a Browning bow from our friends at PSE and I think you'll agree from the attached photo that she is shooting pretty well. I can't wait to spend time with her in the woods this fall and with any luck I will film her harvest her first deer. Although it will be awhile before her little brother can hunt he already enjoys shooting his bow with dad.

Well my next blog will be after I get back from Sherman Creek Outfitters so hopefully I will have a good story to tell.