Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mark & Terry Drury - Dream Season Celebrity

Well, another year and another Dream Season TV group hunt....only this year we are doing a special twist on it - Celebrity Teams! We have brought together 4 celebrity guests from 4 different walks of life. We have a Rockstar, a Bullrider, a Baseball player and a MMA Champ! 4 uniquely different people all with 1 common interest and passion...hunting!

The 4 Teams traveled far and wide to converge on Hadley Creek Outfitters in Pike County Illinois. Each of the 4 celebrities are being Teamed up with a Drury Outdoors Team for the remainder of the hunting season.

We have Team Wainwright which is made up of Adam Wainwright from the St. Louis Cardinals as well as Louie Payne and Lance Chapman as the Drury Team being paired up with Adam.

We have Team Lewis which is made up of Aaron Lewis from the rock group STAIND. He will be paired up with Glen Simpson and Ken Barteau from Drury Outdoors.

There is Team Hart which is made up of JW Hart, the "Iron Man" of the PBR and recently inducted into the hall of fame. He is being Teamed up with Drury Team members Rod Owen and Doug Hampton.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Team Sylvia which is made up of Tim Sylvia the 5 time former UFC Heavyweight Champion. He was paired up with David and Jeff Lindsey from Drury Outdoors.

We had plenty of items to tackle while the Teams were at Hadley, but most importantly we had a few competitions that had to be played out! To say that these 4 Teams were competitive would be an understatement! It was great to see the friendly rivalries start to play out and we think the Drury Outdoors production staff captured some great footage to air on Outdoor Channel starting July 2010.
A special thanks has to go out to Michael Engelmeyer of Great Outdoors Studios, Inc! He did a phenomal job as always and we couldn't do the group hunt with out him!

Keep your eyes peeled for some website video footage to start popping up in early 2010! Dream Season Celebrity promises to be the best season yet! -Mark & Terry Drury

Joe Eugster - Raccoon Madness

Raccoons are a big problem on our vegetable farm, especially in the sweet corn. With low fur prices, the numbers of coon have sky rocketed. If some of the people against hunting and trapping had to make a living raising produce, I bet their attitude about them might change a little! I figure an adult coon takes down about two dozen each night, times that by $5.00 a dozen for 50 nights, and that coon just cost you about $300.00! The coons seem to come from miles to dine at my expense. Well it was time to take action. We called the DNR to make sure we could trap and hunt coons. The coons were doing crop damage so we were given the green light. My son Jacob (12) started running a box trap line and soon had 27 coons to his credit! The deal was that I would give him $10.00 a coon. Jacob made good money and I was happy too.

One night we brought in a friend with a champion coon dog. Jacob and I have never hunted coons at night with coon dogs before, what a hoot. We treed lots of coon but it was hard to see them in the leafy canopy. One big old boar coon fell to Jacobs 22 rifle, along with a couple others. We really enjoyed the excitement of night hunting with a coon dog, and look forward to doing more of it.

P.S Jacob’s coon bait recipe
Tuna fish
Saltine crackers
Licorice- black