Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mark & Terry Drury - We're Back In The Studio!

Hey everybody! We wanted to give all of our fans a quick update on some of the extracurricular things that we have been up to over the last 6 months or so.

Last summer we were privileged to be asked to shoot a Bad Boy Buggie commercial with our good friend David Blanton. The guys at Triple Horse Productions out of Georgia did a phenomenal job as they do on all of the commercials that they are apart of. The shoot went well and the commercial turned out great! We've had a bunch of positive feedback from it and you can currently catch it airing on the Outdoor Channel. Here are a few of the pictures from the shoot.

This past fall we combined to have our best deer season personally in 20 years! We feel very fortunate and particularly blessed to be able to have that type of a season on what is our 20th year in the industry with Drury Outdoors. Stay tuned in the coming months to see the new DVD releases as well as the television shows on the Outdoor Channel. If you would like to see more info on the harvests click over on our journal to read up on each one.

In January we headed to the ATA and SHOT shows in Indy and Orlando. At the ATA show we were humbled to win the 2008 NIKON Monarch Award presented for excellence in TV and Video Production! We would like to thank everyone at NIKON for presenting us with this award and feel very gracious and honored.

February has rolled around and we are as busy as ever! This week a production crew from the Outdoor Channel has been sent to shoot an episode for a new show titled "ICONS" premiering in the 3rd quarter of 2009. The show will highlight several of the "Icons" in the Outdoor Industry and we were asked to be apart of one of the shows. The production crew came to our hometown and interviewed our parents as well as our siblings and other family members. It was neat to go to our old stomping grounds and visit the "40 Acre Club" where it all began for us! Here is a pic of our folks being interviewed. It was a very neat experience.

In closing, we just want to share a few pictures that were emailed to us from a loyal/die-hard Drury Outdoors Fan! Corey Stigers of Illinois has a tattoo that would make John Frank proud! He not only has a Mossy Oak tattoo, but he now has a Drury Outdoors tattoo on his other arm to match it! We met Corey at the ATA Show in Indy this year and he told us that he was going to get the tattoo done....and he lived up to his word! Thank you Corey for your extreme devotion to Drury Outdoors we hope our productions live up to all of our fans standards for many more years to come!

Safe Hunting! -Mark & Terry Drury