Thursday, September 4, 2008

Louie Payne - Hot Times in Kentucky

Summers in Kentucky are always long, dry and hot. Rainfall this time of year is hard to come by but once again we took the gamble by putting our food plots in the ground by mid August. Hunting over a field of green Biologic is something that Mother Nature controls. We were lucky enough to get one good rain right after we put the seed in the ground and boy did it get things rolling. Now we are keeping our fingers crossed that the Hurricanes in the south will bring Kentucky just a little bit of rain and keep our food plots going.

This year I had high hopes of taking a velvet buck but did I get a surprise! After checking the Reconyx camera last weekend, August 28th we had pics of bucks in velvet. But on the 29th of August the same bucks had gone through the complete process of losing the velvet. What a sight to see! We all know once that velvet comes off; it’s a whole new ball game. Nevertheless we will be chasing these bucks in the high Kentucky heat hoping for a cold front soon.